In commercial warehouses, distribution points, and manufacturing industries, gantry cranes provide an indispensable solution to lifting and moving needs. These machines are special and require qualified drivers to operate them. Since cranes are available in various types, operators or drivers must know to operate them safely, and how to detect mechanical faults.

It is also important to know that gantry cranes can be pendant, remote, or cabin controlled. Most of the equipment operate using a push button control, which is suspended from the crane structure. On the other hand, cabin controlled equipment are suitable for applications with limited walkways or where the driver needs protection such as steel industries.

To touch a bit on the structure of gantry cranes, they have two upright portals or supports moving along two ground-based rails. The height of the supports depends on the maximum height of the hook. A gantry crane is essential equipment in factories and outdoor storage yards, railway or shipping storage yards.

Overhead cranes can be semi-portal or designed for container handling. As a customer, you can have your equipment designed with specifications to meet your requirements. For instance, if you need a semi-portal gantry crane, it is usually made with a single support running on a ground-based rail with the other end supported to an overhead rail. Semi-portal overhead cranes are often used in outside storage yards built parallel to the factory.

If you opt for a container handling overhead crane, it can be a bridge or an overhead design. These are suitable for handling containers in manufacturing industries, or at shipping and railway terminals. Whatever your choice of lifting equipment, Millsom can give you what you want to meet your needs adequately.

In Australia, Millsom Materials Handling Company provides lifting and moving solutions to clients across the country. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of cranes, which provide lasting solutions in material handling, manufacturing, and industrial markets. Their products are mainly used for lifting or packing of products, moving goods within a warehouse, lifting and moving heavy loads such as raw materials, boxes, sacks, and chemical drums.

In addition to creating new lifting equipment, Millsom repairs and maintains lifting products from various manufacturers. For the best electric chain hoist Australia can provide, clients can get in touch with the company through their website.

Users of lifting equipment know that the machines contain movable parts that can wear out with constant use. When that happens, it would be cheaper to repair the worn out part than buying brand new equipment. For customers in Melbourne, Millsom provides the best hoist repairs Melbourne can offer. With their qualified, in-house engineers, they are able to customize design and structure to meet customers’ specifications. For that reason, clients across Australia go to the company for the best hoist service Melbourne can provide.

One thing to emphasize about gantry cranes is that they require a qualified and experienced operator. In addition to skills and experience of the operator, personal protective equipment is also an important factor to observe. Operators need to use helmets, eyewear, facemasks, and respirators to protect them from possible hazards.

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