So you just recently discovered you have Type 2 Diabetes. While it’s unfortunate that there is no cure, you are already over the panic from knowing that you’re diabetic. Now, you are ready to live with caution and are currently already on a Diabetes treatment. If you are in Australia, you may have been advised by your Brisbane city doctor regarding your diet, medication, and specific exercise routines. But what about the things you should avoid aside from dangerous food that will worsen your Diabetes? Here are some things you should NOT do or stop doing if you are currently in a Type 2 Diabetes treatment:

  • Being Embarrassed About Diabetes

If you’re an employed diabetic, don’t even for once hide it from your employer or your co-workers. According to Diabetes Australia’s website, many managers are still unaware that their workers have diabetes, or misinformed about the illness. By educating them and discussing your condition openly, you can easily negotiate about small breaks, sick leaves, medical benefits, etc. Plus you have a valid excuse to avoid happy hours, as what any good doctors city medical centres have today would advise. On the other hand, if you’re still applying for a job, discuss your condition to the company. It’s not a liability—in fact, you can tell them that your illness is an asset because you now lead a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you can inspire your co-workers to follow your lead.

  • Retaining Your Driving Habits

Now that you’re diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it is crucial for you to ask about changing your driving habits from any medical centre Brisbane city has today. For Type 2 Diabetics, your Brisbane city doctor manages your blood glucose levels. The good news is that Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) and Austroads have mandated specific guidelines for Type 2 Diabetic drivers whose blood glucose levels are being managed by medication. In October 2016, the updated version of “Assessing Fitness to Drive”, a guideline for diabetic drivers, has been since effective. You can download a copy of the guidelines in Diabetes Australia’s or Austroad’s website.

  • Travelling Without Proper And Specific Planning

The trick in not having problems when travelling as a Type 2 diabetic is planning ahead. Some of the services of a doctor Brisbane city medical centre has today are Diabetes Assessment and Management. It is advised that you should discuss travelling with your doctor and manage your travelling insurance two-three months ahead. A Brisbane city doctor’s advice is recommended when it comes to what to pack, things to do during the flight, and contingency plans if emergency arises.

  • “I’m Still Young, I Can Manage With Diet and Exercise”

Some young people are too complacent. Your Brisbane city doctor would correct the notion that “Youth equals good health and more chances of preventing Type 2 Diabetes”. If you’re still studying while you got diagnosed, discuss it with your professors immediately. It’s one of the responsibilities of a university—to provide an empathic and safe system for the diagnosed student to work on through healthy supervision.  Even though you’re strong, being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes will still affect your performance. It’s important to negotiate with your school about this.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes is indeed arduous, but with discipline and healthy optimism, you will manage.

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Marie Barnett

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