The last stages of a terminal disease can be quite devastating. You may feel like you have lost control of your life and there is a constant fear of what is going to happen next. A Hospice can help you get back your peace and control. Typically, a hospice is designed to offer spiritual and emotional support as well as expert medical care and pain management tailored to meet the specific needs and wishes of each patient. Hospice care also extends support to family members. True Care Hospice in Canoga Park, Los Angeles is an exemplary hospice. It believes that each and every person has a right to die with dignity and without pain no matter their condition. For this reason, True Care focuses on providing meaningful and quality support for the sick and their families. Finding a good hospice can be a little challenging. This article has discussed some of the qualities to expect from a good hospice in Los Angeles.

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Normally, hospice care is provided to people who can no longer benefit from curative treatment. In most cases, such patients have a life expectancy of six months or less. Essentially, such patients will require special services. In a good hospice there will be physician services to provide medial direction of the patients. They should also provide homemaker services to attend to the patient’s personal needs. For spiritual and emotional support, a professional hospice will provide chaplain services and bereavement counseling.

Family/caregiver support

In most instances, family members are the patient’s primary caregivers. A good hospice will recognize the special role of family in providing support. As the relationship with the family begins, the hospice will seek to find the family’s priorities. They will want to know the best kind of support to offer the patient and the family during this time. Support can be in different ways including provision of volunteers, telephone calls to inform family members about the condition of the patient and counseling.

Volunteer services

Taking care of a terminally sick person can be overwhelming to the caregivers. As such, a good hospice will provide volunteers to relieve the burden of caregivers. They will generally provide different kinds of services including staying with the patient to give family members a break, preparing light meals and running errands. A good hospice will have a streamlined system of recruiting and training volunteers. Training programs for volunteers should include listening skills, bereavement support, working with families and confidentiality.

Patients’ care

A good hospice will ensure that patients experience maximum relaxation. This is because many of them experience pain and other distressing events as the sickness progresses. A professional hospice will give its staff a special training so as to effectively assess, anticipate, treat and prevent any type of physical symptoms that might cause distress and discomfort. As a way of reducing pain, hospice staff should work closely with the physicians and develop measures of reducing pain experienced by the patients.

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